Don't elected someone to city council because they say they have all the the answers. 

A good council member should be principled, hard working, open-minded, and a good communicator.


  •  I stand up for what is right, not just what is popular.

  • I consistently work hard for Alpine outside of the spotlight. 

  • I don't have all the answers. Together we can we can come to a workable solutions. 

  • We can improve our discourse in Alpine.  We can find ways to make information and participation more accessible.


Please choose me as your representative to Alpine City Council.


I offer my expertise, experience, leadership, and vision.

And, by the way, other than my home, I do not own any land in Alpine.  I have no conflict of interest.

Preservation Through Planning

No to Blue Bison

I want to be clear: I am completely opposed to the Blue Bison development using Alpine’s infrastructure. 

It is not enough for the city to say no. We need to be very deliberate and amend all of our master plan documents to reiterate our absolute stance that we do not want and will not allow connection with Draper etc. 

I am concerned that the developers will go over the city’s head and ask for state law to be changed. I contacted the legislative representative from the America Planning Association Utah Chapter. I asked to be kept informed if there were any conversations about changing state law to bypass cities ordinances.  

It would be wise long range planning to consider other potential locations this connection issue may be a risk in the future.

Improve Main Street

I am dedicated to building a stronger, healthier, and more economically vibrant Alpine. How many building have been built downtown in the last few years?


Protecting, improving, and supporting Main Street is significant reason I am running for city council.  Alpine is missing a community development plan  that could empower residents to shape the future of our community.

I would like to see positive change that is resident-driven, recognizing the value in the unique character of Alpine, and the deep emotional connection of the people who live here. This can be accomplished by actively seeking the collective wisdom of all residents, including those whose voices are often missing.

Clarity, Transparency, Open Government

We need more average citizens involved.  For too long we have coasted thinking someone else will deal with the problems of Alpine.  Everyone - citizens, builders, and developers should be treated with respect and professionalism.  Alpine works for the citizens.  The city's processes and steps to be involved should be clear and readily available.

Plan for the Future

Alpine is not done growing.  It is estimated that the natural build out of Alpine will increase its resident population by 50%. No candidate can stop this.  That means thousands more people on the roads, in the parks, at school, etc.  We can actively plan for the next 5, 10, 20, 50+ years, creating the community we all envision in our hearts and minds. Reactionary, arbitrary, head-in-the-sand thinking will make this inevitable growth uncomfortable, ugly, and contentious. 

There is another way.  Investing now to plan for this growth will allow us apply for grants, entice investment, and improve the appearance of our city.

Support Local Business
Keep Property Taxes Low

It’s hard to be in business today.  Alpine should make it easier — not harder — to open or run a business in Alpine.


We can help our local businesses by streamlining the process, cleaning up ordinances and working with the applicants to help them with their projects. Business-friendly communities have a liaison on the City Council so a clear point person is available to the local business community; Alpine does not.  


The success of Alpine is linked to a strong local economy. A Leakage Study was recently done by the consulting firm Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham Inc.  The study showed that either Alpine increase its sales tax revenue or property taxes must go up.  Although Alpine has a small population, it has a significantly above average income.  See the study here.

I started the Alpine Business Association to bring attention to our HUNDREDS of local business.  However, monthly spotlights in the Newsline, Main Street Trick of Treat are great, but they are not enough.  A complete change in the thinking is required.

Recently, the Lone Peak Business Alliance has been formed.  I asked the Alpine City Council to become a City Partner in the LPBA.  This partnership will provide professional support for our local Alpine businesses!

Keep Alpine's Charm

We all want to keep the small town charm, rich heritage, and natural surroundings preserved.  However, what is being done to achieve these goals?  What is being done to protect this heritage?  Working with the city as Alpine Business Association President and on the Planning Commission, I saw that much more must be done to reach these ideals. There are measured, methodical, tried-and-true steps we must take to create this reality.  

If we want to preserve our open space and parks, lets have a clear, step-by-step plan of what we want to achieve.   If we want to enrich our neighborhoods with street trees, let us write it into our ordinance.  It is time to turn these wishes into an achievable plan.

We are All Alpiners

It is a terrible sentiment that some voices are valued more or less based on their tenure in Alpine.   Whether you pulled a handcart here or just planted your family roots, PLEASE share your opinion, talents, and expertise.  We MUST get away from the contention that opposing thoughts have caused in the past.  All are welcome in Alpine.

We all have something to add.

Protect, Preserve, Promote Parks

What has been done? So much talk about Lambert Park and yet what has been done?  Standardized signage, clear rules ,regulations and enforcement, physical facilities improvements, connectivity with local trails, proper land management, best practices for highest and best use; these should all be considerations when managing and planning our current and future parks.  

Here is a fun easy project I hosted in Price, UT to create community spirit and slow traffic.

Network with other Agencies

Historically, Alpine has not worked with other agencies to create positive relationships.  Organizations like EDCUtah, Moutainland Association of Governments, Build a Better Block, Envision Utah, Active Planning, UTA Active Transportation, Orton Family Foundation, Strong Towns, and many more.  We are missing out on the experience, expertise, and support of all these resources.

What issues do you think are most important?

We all have opinions and experiences that shape our perspective.  I want to know what are your concerns?  Where do you see Alpine in 5, 10, 50 years?

Please contact me


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